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Things to do in and around Dublin this Halloween

Halloween is not what it used to be especially in Dublin. It has become scarier but also more graphic and artistic. A real event,...

Handmade in Dublin


First impressions of Ireland: Exploring the sights in Dublin

Ireland has plenty to offer but we suggest you start with Dublin before heading to the countryside. Live music When coming to Ireland, you must know:...

10 helpful tips about Dublin hotels

Book as early as possible As you might know, Dublin hotel rates change quite frequently. That’s why you should always try to book as early...

Different things to do in Dublin

There are so many things to do in Dublin that even when you thought you’ve seen everything there is much more still to do!...

Dublin travel guide for Sports fans

For all rugby fans, out there: Irish rugby is great to watch and very well respected throughout the country. Annual games are held in...

A complete guide to Drumcondra in Dublin

Drumcondra is a residential area on the Northside of Dublin. Two rivers flow through the area, the River Tolka and the Royal Canal. You...

The best things to see at the National Gallery of Ireland

For anyone heading to Ireland, a trip to the National Gallery of Ireland is a must, especially if you’re hoping to experience the historic...

Tips for car rental in Dublin airport

Dublin is usually the first stop when visiting Ireland thanks to its international airport. While we recommend you to stay a couple of days...

Complete guide on Public Transport in Dublin

If you are coming to Dublin soon you might be interested in how to get around the city with public transport. In fact, this...
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