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A guide to Dublin for adrenaline junkies

Anyone looking for action-packed activities won’t struggle to feel the excitement in Dublin. The city is packed full of fun things to do for people of all ages, with plenty of options sure to get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. Race across land, water and air as you see the sights of Dublin […]

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The best winter events coming up in Dublin

As the cold weather comes around, families and friends everywhere will be gearing up for the holidays and planning their winter getaways. The historic city of Dublin has a lot to offer this season with a wide range of events taking place. Here at the Mont Clare Dublin, we love the excitement that our guests […]

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Popular Dublin attractions for kids

Did you know that some of Dublin’s attractions have been specially designed for your little one? With interactive tours and museums, numerous parks and a renowned zoo, the capital of Ireland is definitely a kid-friendly destination. Whether you want to get them into science and history or you prefer fun outdoor activities we guarantee you […]

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Prettiest public spaces in Dublin

We won’t lie to you, here at the Mont Clare Hotel we feel very lucky to be in such a beautiful city. When we think of a capital we usually picture big buildings and expensive touristic attractions. Dublin is the opposite! It has nice historical buildings, many parks and free public places to have a […]

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Different things to do in Dublin

There are so many things to do in Dublin that even when you thought you’ve seen everything there is much more still to do! Will give you some idea for the one in look for unusual experiences and unconventional places. Experience a real operational distillery The first place we are taking you is the Teeling […]

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The best street art in Dublin

Since the rise of Banksy and his fellow urban painters the world of street art has exploded onto the pop culture scene. What many people once saw as an act of vandalism is now considered a genuine form of art and it has spread all over the world, including to Dublin. The city walls and […]

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The best selfie spots in Dublin

The last couple of decades has witnessed the introduction of social media websites and front-facing mobile phone cameras, which provided the perfect ingredients for the creation of the selfie. These days no matter where you are in the world, you’ll see tourist spots full of people holding their phones up snapping pictures of themselves in […]

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How to beat the heat in Dublin this summer

Summer is here and it’s the hottest one we’ve had in a while, which means that holiday makers and travellers all over Dublin will be looking for ways to keep cool and escape the heat. It’s rare that the UK experiences so much sunshine so it’s no surprise that everyone will want to make the […]

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Handmade in Dublin

The retail and shopping districts in Dublin are packed full of high-end luxury shops stocking some of the most famous brands from around the world. You’ll never struggle to find that perfect gift as you stroll through the high streets of Dublin, but there are a lot of alternatives if you’re looking for something a […]

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