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Dublin’s best markets

Millions of people flock to the historic city of Dublin every year to experience the vibrant culture and take advantage of the authentic shopping experience. The city is full of bustling market places and retail districts that offer visitors and tourists a chance to browse big brand names and hand-crafted goods. You’ll never struggle to […]

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Why everyone loves Dublin…

Irish culture Irish culture is a well-known one, especially for its pubs and its green colour but that’s not all. Once a year the popular St Patrick’s festival is celebrated and it has become so popular that people all over the world adopted this tradition. Dublin features about 1000 pubs and they’re all great. The […]

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Dublin for foodies.

When thinking about Dublin, the only thing that probably comes to your mind is Irish stew, bangers and mash or fish and chips but we must say: It’s more than that and cuisine in Ireland has changed tremendously. The city has become very international and chefs started experimenting with different ingredients to create unique dishes. […]

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Things to do in Dublin with your family.

Traveling with kids can be challenging as we all know, kids like to be occupied. In Dublin, you do not have to worry about your little ones being bored. Here are our top attractions to keep them entertained and you’ll love them too: Dublin Zoo Kids love zoos and that’s a fact. How practical that […]

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Dublin travel guide for Sports fans

For all rugby fans, out there: Irish rugby is great to watch and very well respected throughout the country. Annual games are held in the Aviva stadium and tickets can be booked online. However, it is also possible to watch a game at Trinity College, where the oldest rugby club in Ireland has its home. […]

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5 Free Things to do in Dublin

We appreciate that not everyone travelling to Dublin will have lots of money to put towards paying entry fees for attractions and luckily, for those who are coming to the city on a budget, there are actually plenty of attractions and things to do which don’t have to cost a penny. In fact, some of […]

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First impressions of Ireland: Exploring the sights in Dublin

Ireland has plenty to offer but we suggest you start with Dublin before heading to the countryside. Live music When coming to Ireland, you must know: A pub is no pub if there is no live music once in a while. An absolutely must-do is having a well-drafted pint of Guinness while listening to some […]

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The Ha’Penny bridge – A bridge of many names and stories

As you might know, Dublin is a city famous for its bridges. The North and the South split by River Liffey, are connected only by bridges. One of those is Ha’Penny bridge, also called the Liffey bridge and formerly the Wellington bridge. Let’s dive into its history and importance: Built in 1816, made from cast […]

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