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How to stay calm during airplane turbulence

Traveling by plane might not be something for everyone. However, a world without planes has become unimaginable nowadays. It has become so easy to be in Europe one day and in New Zealand the other. Distance has lost its importance by the use of planes. Not all people feel comfortable with losing the soil beneath […]

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Why Everyone must visit Dublin cinemas This year

Lighthouse cinema The Lighthouse cinema is an art cinema with four screens, situated in Dublin city. It features both a bar and a car park. This makes it one of the best rated and preferred Dublin cinemas. It’s not about showing basic movies such as Fast and the Furious but about showing independent movies with […]

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10 helpful tips about Dublin hotels

Book as early as possible As you might know, Dublin hotel rates change quite frequently. That’s why you should always try to book as early as possible or to travel off-season. You will save a lot of money in doing so. Bundle your hotel rate with your flight ticket This will allow for lower prices. […]

The Great Irish Bake 2017

Baking is beneficial for your mind and soul since it lets you focus on the present and distracts you from your everyday issues. There is just nothing more healing to your stress than kneading dough or decorating some cupcakes. It also provides and outlet for emotions. If you love baking, you might want to read […]

Dublin events in April

The Ball Festival 2017 This is purely student festival in Dun Laoghaire, just a short DART ride to get there. The event will take place on April 28th at St. Michael’s Pier and tickets are available for sale online. There will be a huge line up with artists such as Bakermat, Gavin James, Waze & […]

8 tips to travel Dublin on a budget

Combine your stay and flight Keep in mind that you get the best rates if you book both, flight and room, together. Websites such as Expedia, Momondo, Lastminute and Travelocity make that possible. Travel off-season Most people travel during school holidays, on weekends or during Spring and Summer time. You should try and save money […]

Easter festivities at O’Callaghan Hotels

Next to St Patrick’s day, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Hotels are posting  about the upcoming events weeks in advance and behind closed doors, there is much preparation is going on for the these special days. Easter at work Back in the days, Easter used to be a holiday reserved mainly for […]

Dublin’s history in a time-lapse

Dublin is a city with big cultural significance. The name of Dublin comes from Gaelic Dubh Linn which means nothing more than the black pool near Dublin castle which united River Liffey and the Poddle Stream. Why Dublin is such a famous and well-chosen travel destination? Read below and find out. The Vikings Dublin is […]

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Popular attractions to explore in Dublin

Dublin the capital of Ireland is an amazingly picturesque city to visit. It has seen a steady rise in popularity as a tourist destination in the last few years, with record number of visitors flocking to visit and explore the many attractions in the charming and historic city. If plan a trip to Dublin and […]

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A visit to Dublin’s Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is popular with visitors on a family holiday in Dublin. It is also referred to as the Dead Zoo by locals, but nevertheless is a interesting place to visit with the kids.  It is a taxidermy haven that is spread over two stories and is located in the City Centre. Just […]

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