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Dublin’s history in a time-lapse

Dublin is a city with big cultural significance. The name of Dublin comes from Gaelic Dubh Linn which means nothing more than the black pool near Dublin castle which united River Liffey and the Poddle Stream. Why Dublin is such a famous and well-chosen travel destination? Read below and find out. The Vikings Dublin is […]

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Popular attractions to explore in Dublin

Dublin the capital of Ireland is an amazingly picturesque city to visit. It has seen a steady rise in popularity as a tourist destination in the last few years, with record number of visitors flocking to visit and explore the many attractions in the charming and historic city. If plan a trip to Dublin and […]

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A visit to Dublin’s Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is popular with visitors on a family holiday in Dublin. It is also referred to as the Dead Zoo by locals, but nevertheless is a interesting place to visit with the kids.  It is a taxidermy haven that is spread over two stories and is located in the City Centre. Just […]

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Why traveling on Easter is (not) a good idea

Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year but for some people it seems to be a reason to escape and travel around, other people spend it within their families and others don’t celebrate it at all. Whatever your preference is, here are some tips why you should travel on Easter and […]

These Boots Were Made for Walking

You will find with many capital cities that star attractions can be found at quite close proximity to each other; in London a quick walk south from Trafalgar Square will take you to Westminster with the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey and in Dublin, if you decide to explore on foot, you will hit […]

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Dublin Tours and More!

There is so much to see and do in Dublin that it can be a hard to choose how to spend your time there. Do you go admire the history and architecture or do you go to spend your days at Temple Bar mingling with the locals and enjoying the local brews? If you just […]

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Top 6 Things To Do in Dublin

Whether you have already booked your hotel or you are just in the early stages of planning a trip to Dublin then you might have started to think about the different things you can do whilst you are in the city.  Dublin is a vibrant and exciting place to explore with a whole host of […]