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There is so much to see and do in Dublin that it can be a hard to choose how to spend your time there. Do you go admire the history and architecture or do you go to spend your days at Temple Bar mingling with the locals and enjoying the local brews? If you just simply can’t decide, here are a few options to consider.

First impressions of Ireland: Exploring the sights in Dublin

Ireland has plenty to offer but we suggest you start with Dublin before heading to the countryside. Live music When coming to Ireland, you must know: A pub is no pub if there is no live music once in a while. An absolutely must-do is having a well-drafted pint of Guinness while listening to some […]

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Malahide Dublin: An itinerary for the Mont Clare

Malahide is one of Dublin’s many suburbs. It’s located at the seaside and an attraction for many tourists or escape for locals. It is easily reachable by DART. Every hour a train takes you there in no more than 30 minutes. Here are some reasons why we think it’s such a beautiful destination: Sea-breeze Since […]

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The Ha’Penny bridge – A bridge of many names and stories

As you might know, Dublin is a city famous for its bridges. The North and the South split by River Liffey, are connected only by bridges. One of those is Ha’Penny bridge, also called the Liffey bridge and formerly the Wellington bridge. Let’s dive into its history and importance: Built in 1816, made from cast […]

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Things to do in Dublin if you like live music

Live music in Dublin is just something you expect to experience when coming to Dublin. Laughter, singing, dancing, chatting. It all belongs together… Read on below to find out about the top places to experience live music and it does not necessarily have to be in a pub! Stroll through Grafton Street Already many singers […]

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Backpacking and student travel around Dublin

Dublin is the most visited city of Ireland and probably for some, the only one. It is not always easy to travel on a budget but it’s possible. Here are some tips from us for you on how to keep your wallet in your pocket (mostly): EAT Make a choice between eating and having drinks.. […]

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Explore Dublin like a Local

Like any great city, Dublin attracts lots of tourists throughout the year and has many attractions to keep them occupied. Whilst you may enjoy seeing the odd attraction or two, the savvy traveller knows that there is also something to be said for exploring a city like a local would; heading off the beaten track […]

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Why Everyone must visit Dublin cinemas This year

Lighthouse cinema The Lighthouse cinema is an art cinema with four screens, situated in Dublin city. It features both a bar and a car park. This makes it one of the best rated and preferred Dublin cinemas. It’s not about showing basic movies such as Fast and the Furious but about showing independent movies with […]

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The Great Irish Bake 2017

Baking is beneficial for your mind and soul since it lets you focus on the present and distracts you from your everyday issues. There is just nothing more healing to your stress than kneading dough or decorating some cupcakes. It also provides and outlet for emotions. If you love baking, you might want to read […]