Exploring Dublin

Exploring Dublin

There is so much to see and do in Dublin that it can be a hard to choose how to spend your time there. Do you go admire the history and architecture or do you go to spend your days at Temple Bar mingling with the locals and enjoying the local brews? If you just simply can’t decide, here are a few options to consider.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Discover the most historic churches of Dublin

Dublin is known for its rich religious history and a wealth of iconic architecture that has provided places of worship for hundreds of years....

Things to do near Merrion Square

Merrion Square is on the Southside of Dublin. It is the largest of the five Georgian Squares built up to 250 years ago in...
River Rafting

A guide to Dublin for adrenaline junkies

Anyone looking for action-packed activities won’t struggle to feel the excitement in Dublin. The city is packed full of fun things to do for...

Craft beer pubs in Dublin

Having a pint of the black stuff is definitely part of Dublin pubs experience. But it has been a few years now that the...

The 7 best open mic nights in Dublin

Music and stage arts are part of the Dubliner culture as well as Irish culture in general. There are a couple of places where...

A complete guide to Drumcondra in Dublin

Drumcondra is a residential area on the Northside of Dublin. Two rivers flow through the area, the River Tolka and the Royal Canal. You...

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