Exploring Dublin

Exploring Dublin

There is so much to see and do in Dublin that it can be a hard to choose how to spend your time there. Do you go admire the history and architecture or do you go to spend your days at Temple Bar mingling with the locals and enjoying the local brews? If you just simply can’t decide, here are a few options to consider.

Tips to travel dublin

8 tips to travel Dublin on a budget

Combine your stay and flight Keep in mind that you get the best rates if you book both, flight and room, together. Websites such as...

The 7 best open mic nights in Dublin

Music and stage arts are part of the Dubliner culture as well as Irish culture in general. There are a couple of places where...

Art galleries in Dublin: five not to miss

If you are a bit of an art buff, Dublin is home to a generous number of galleries. Here is a list of five...

5 extraordinary things to do in Dublin

Are you also dreaming of doing something different than the usual? St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle and so on... All wonderful sights but just...

Prettiest public spaces in Dublin

We won’t lie to you, here at the Mont Clare Hotel we feel very lucky to be in such a beautiful city. When we...
Easter festivities

Easter festivities at O’Callaghan Hotels

Next to St Patrick’s day, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Hotels are posting  about the upcoming events weeks in advance and behind...

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