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Whether you have already booked your hotel or you are just in the early stages of planning a trip to Dublin then you might have started to think about the different things you can do whilst you are in the city.  Dublin is a vibrant and exciting place to explore with a whole host of attractions to suit every taste and budget.

Mistakes to avoid when you travel to Dublin

We often share our knowledge on what to do in Dublin so this time we decided to focus on mistakes to avoid when you travel to the Irish capital. Taking a cab from the airport It is very tempting to head toward the taxi rank and get a taxi to the city centre but you […]

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A musician’s winter guide to Dublin

Dublin has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most significant musical sites in Ireland, and for musicians and music fans planning a visit this winter, the timing couldn’t be better. As the weather grows colder, Dubliners and visitors alike gather to find out more about the music that makes the city tick, as well […]

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Top 3 spots for winter time sporting activities in Dublin

Just because the weather is colder and the nights are darker, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy playing sport with your family or friends. There are a number of different winter sporting activities that you can take part in when you visit Dublin that will ensure you have a fun-filled and exhilarating day while […]

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The best things to see at the National Gallery of Ireland

For anyone heading to Ireland, a trip to the National Gallery of Ireland is a must, especially if you’re hoping to experience the historic culture of the city. The amazing collection of exhibits is packed full of interesting things to see and to learn. If you’re searching for luxury hotels near Pearse Street Dublin, the […]

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Travel with Children to Dublin

Did you know that some of Dublin’s attractions have been specially designed for your little one? With interactive tours and museums, numerous parks and a renowned zoo, the capital of Ireland is definitely a kid-friendly destination. Whether you want to get them into science and history or you prefer fun outdoor activities we guarantee you […]

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Tips for Americans in Dublin

Many people in America dream about visiting Ireland. Dublin is the best place to stop and start your Irish journey. It offers insights into the wonderful Irish culture, history, art, architecture, food and more. There is so much to see and do! You can experience Gaelic football or Hurling at Croke Park, go to one […]

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How to beat the heat in Dublin this summer

Summer is here and it’s the hottest one we’ve had in a while, which means that holiday makers and travellers all over Dublin will be looking for ways to keep cool and escape the heat. It’s rare that the UK experiences so much sunshine so it’s no surprise that everyone will want to make the […]

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Why everyone loves Dublin…

Irish culture Irish culture is a well-known one, especially for its pubs and its green colour but that’s not all. Once a year the popular St Patrick’s festival is celebrated and it has become so popular that people all over the world adopted this tradition. Dublin features about 1000 pubs and they’re all great. The […]

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How to stay calm during airplane turbulence

Traveling by plane might not be something for everyone. However, a world without planes has become unimaginable nowadays. It has become so easy to be in Europe one day and in New Zealand the other. Distance has lost its importance by the use of planes. Not all people feel comfortable with losing the soil beneath […]

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10 helpful tips about Dublin hotels

Book as early as possible As you might know, Dublin hotel rates change quite frequently. That’s why you should always try to book as early as possible or to travel off-season. You will save a lot of money in doing so. Bundle your hotel rate with your flight ticket This will allow for lower prices. […]