Having a pint of the black stuff is definitely part of Dublin pubs experience. But it has been a few years now that the city is up to changes in its beer offering. So if you are willing to pay for a forward-thinking drink, Dublin is also the place to be. Here is a list of four places to enjoy the gold beverage with an artisanal twist.

L Mulligan Grocer

Treat yourself to seasonal foods and drinks at the L Mulligan Grocer. This pub is a traditional Irish pub by the look of it at first but there is a hipster feeling from the look of the waiter to the food selection. For example, hipster drinks from the US are available as well as vegetarian dishes options. Their beer selection is interesting and varied, every meal matches a drink. At L Mulligan Grocer, they are passionate about the quality of their product and this is something you can feel all the way through.

J.W. Sweetman

This pub stretches over three levels in 1-2 Burgh Quay and offers its own craft beers. It is a traditional pub, quite popular for tourist. But it is a delightful place to start your craft beer hunt. Did you know that it is the only pub in Dublin with a micro-brewery inside? A way to drink your favourite beverage straight from the source. They are happy to make you try all their wares so you can make your choice from Pale Ale to Porter and everything between.

Black Sheep

Located at 61 Capel Street the Black Sheep is a traditional pub with olive green walls and electric furniture. In addition to the extensive set of International beer and Irish stalwarts this pub is part of the Galway Bay Brewing family which means they offer a staggering 23 craft beers on tap. This is a nice cosy and spacious place to spend the evening. They also host events from comedians, music gigs and special tasting event.


The Bison bar & BBQ not only offers real American BBQ style food but also a selection of 140 whiskies and a good selection of craft beer. Located on the quay right beside the Workman’s Club it is a perfect spot for a bite to eat and a beer. If you feel in need for meat you can indulge yourself to a 13-hours slow-cooked briskets and pulled pork to go with your favourite drink.

Now you have a nice selection of places to go for a craft beer. At the Mont Clare hotel, we will be happy to help you find your way through the city so don’t hesitate to come meet our reception team.