We always tend to take the shortest route when going to a point A to a point B. But sometimes, the shortest way is not the best and going slightly off-piste will lead you into countless discoveries. So why not take your time and embellish your experience with our guide to the best route from Trinity College to Christ Church Cathedral.

If you are staying at our hotel the Mont Clare hotel you are only 2 minutes’ walk from the Trinity College. From there, a walk toward Westmoreland Street will lead you to a hidden gem: Waldorf Barbers. This old-style barbershop is a timeless place, opened in 1929, the shop hasn’t changed that much since. It features a small museum with vintage razors and tools of the trade.

Then go for a walk through the busy Temple Bar quarter. While enjoying the sight and sound we suggest a little trip to Curved Street and admire the work of BP Fallon, one of the city’s most famous street artists.  From here you can stroll into the wonderful Meeting House Square, home to many events including a food market every Saturday. You can also check out the Gallery of Photography or the National Photographic Archive while you are there.

On your journey down Essex Street East will bring you past the Project Arts Centre, a good way to discover emerging talents. Then nip down Crampton Court to get back onto Dame Street. You can have an eye into City Hall and discover the story of the city through a fabulous rotunda and series of murals from 1917.

Your next stop is at the Chester Beatty Library, it treasures numerous manuscripts, miniature paintings, rare books and prints. Emerging on Castle Street stroll down the steps of Cows Lane. On Saturday there is an arts and crafts market and a delightful selection of café and shops.

Make your way there up towards Christ Church via Fishamble Street. On the corner of Essex Street and Fishamble is the oldest house of Dublin dating back to 1720. Finally, you can step inside the dramatic Christ Church Cathedral and be astonished by its medieval architecture.

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