Dublin hotel deals & offers

Make the most out of your stay and get the best value deal by having a look at our seasonal packages. Book your family fun trip now for the best available rate and enjoy a wonderful experience in the city of Dublin or if you’re an action buff you should absolutely go for the Taste of Dublin and experience Croke Park Stadium like no one else. Don’t miss out on our Summer deals, only available for a short time.

Taste of Dublin

Croke Park

The perfect package to explore Dublin. Enjoy a two-night stay in a luxurious room of your choice, including a full breakfast on each morning in our bar. Take a fun hop-on hop-off tour with your traveling partner and receive two tickets to explore the Croke Park stadium.

Family Fun

Kids Room

Take your family on a fun city break this Summer. Book a room of your choice and we arrange kids set-up including tent, treats, games and anything your kids can imagine. Enjoy a family breakfast the following day in our restaurant and explore the streets of Dublin.

Jameson Whiskey Experience


Explore the beautiful city of Dublin combined with a relaxing two-night stay in a King Size Room at our perfectly located Alexander Hotel. Enjoy a delicious breakfast each morning, get tickets to explore the recently renovated Jameson Experience and be surprised by our little Jameson Whiskey treats waiting for you on arrival.

Stay 4 Nights and Save

Dublin by night

Explore the colourful city of Dublin, its country- and beachside. Spending the extra few nights can be good for both your experience and your pocket. Enjoy 15% off our best available rate when you stay 4 nights or more. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at our Winner’s bar and relax on your long weekend off.