Dublin hotel deals & offers

Make the most out of your stay and get the best value deal by having a look at our seasonal packages. Book your family fun trip now for the best available rate and enjoy a wonderful experience in the city of Dublin or if you’re an action buff you should absolutely go for the Taste of Dublin and experience Croke Park Stadium like no one else. Don’t miss out on our Summer deals, only available for a short time.

Snoozy Sunday

Make it a long weekend with a Sunday night stay at The Mont Clare. Breakfast and late check-out are included, and will perfectly complement the bottle of bubbly you’ll receive on arrival.

3 Night Treat: Save 15%

Extend your stay and explore more of Dublin’s fair city. Save 15% on our best available rate when you book a 3-night visit to The Mont Clare.

4 Night Treat: Save 20%


Experience more with 4 nights at The Mont Clare. Enjoy 20% off our best available rate when you treat yourself to a 4-night stay in The Mont Clare.

5 Night Treat: Save 25%

Make the city yours with a 5-night stay at The Mont Clare. Book now and save 25% on our best available rate. Dublin is on your doorstep at The Mont Clare.

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